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About us - Our approach

Award winning Physiotherpy Practice in Mt BeautyWe believe in working with you as a partner in achieving good health. At your initial visit, your physiotherapist will listen to you carefully, asking specific questions in order to obtain a clear picture of your problem. You will then be asked to perform a range of movements and actions so we can assess how your problem limits your function. We may also carry out further specific tests to refine the diagnosis.

We use a thorough assessment and treatment process originally devised by a New Zealand physiotherapist by the name of Robin McKenzie. The McKenzie Institute International now has branches in 26 countries and provides advanced post-graduate training to physiotherapists and doctors all over the world. The McKenzie assessment process provides the clearest understanding of the nature and behaviour of your problem. This allows us to apply the most effective treatment, which brings about the greatest improvement possible in the shortest period of time. This means that you will be back doing what is important to you more quickly, and with fewer treatment sessions required. We do not subscribe to the 'scattergun' approach to treatment where a multitude of modalities are used in the hope that something might work. Rather, we focus on the primary problem at hand, and once it has been dealt with, teach you how you can prevent it from coming back


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